Orestis Lazouras


Image of pond water at the municipal gardens of Nicosia


Detail of Lake Studies 03, 2018, framed wood panel, resin, shells, jasmine flowers, ring. 

Image of mosaic table from my grandmother's garden, Nicosia


Memorial, metal structure, wood, marble, from Scooby a painting show, Thkio Ppalies, 2019.

Found image from @uriperes6, 2019


Image from my jewellery brand GREEK LOVER campaign, 2018.

Image of textured wall with layers of paint, Nicosia


In the process of 30, 31 (group of 2), wood, plaster, pigment, before it got framed, Scooby a painting show, Thkio Ppalies, 2019.

Image of fixed dustpan using bamboo leftover piece and cable ties in my studio, Nicosia


Tie-dye cotton work with bamboo frame, 2017.

Digital collage of Cypriot Vessel with piercings, 2017


Custom ceramic vessel with stainless steel piercings, 2017.

Image of inspirational quote sticker on car, Nicosia


A contract is worth 1000 promises, inspirational quote t-shirt on concrete figure, Municipal Gallery of Mithymna, Lesvos, 2017.

Image of flower arrangement from Gamos oneirikos-vaftisis facebook page, 2019

Image source:


Part of Bourgeois Hall from STUDIO, Volks, 2016.

VERSUS Mens Vintage 1990 Designer Sunglasses Brown Rectangle EW4 G70/292 22219

Image source: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164016531087?fbclid=IwAR3U0xDjq45QtZGsp2ecd6PmkuLpPlhM0vlL1YQEFJzoSUWlblXQv1IBOV0

All works shown are by Orestis Lazouras unless mentioned otherwise.

Orestis Lazouras’ practice is primarily influenced by local romanticism, fictional identities as well as a constant exploration of modern-day culture as he perceives it. For him, making is a process of stylistic manner, a frame created to depict the duality between what a memory already is and what a memory can become. As a process, he arranges materials that transpose the key of desire in order to give rhythm and rhyme to his assemblages. The end result develops out of the different techniques that he implements, in order to interrupt or compliment the features (conceptual or physical) of the materials that he chooses to use. Lazouras’s practice operates on several levels, starting from the surface; when a moment is captured, its representation is being generated in real time.

With VERSUS for D-S, Lazouras showcases the dynamics between references/ found images vs finished or in progress work. 


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