Nayia Savva

(soft and slow)

Mr V. told her that in Indian curry dishes, 
spices create a kind of noise, making it impossible to distinguish 1 spice from the other. 
2 reading
3 in her living room, 
21 at the same time

Image: Excerpt from Sun Ra (2005) The Immeasurable Equation, ed. by James L. Wolfand and Harttnut Geerken, WAITAWHILE.

For a moment she became a huge container of an enormous amount of noisy data interspersed with feelings, interspersed with data, erasing people, data, relatives, feelings, household objects at a steady velocity.

Photo: Andreas Panagides


Impossible twins: 
Loveseat and fainting couch.
(Dualist traps and porous categories)
Noodle sculpture in progress. 



References to Cypriot flora go back as far as Homer.



They met at his house to discuss 'secrets', some magical, some genuinely scientific, the secret virtues of stones and wood, the talismanic images of the stars and plastic water bottles.

From Angelos Makrides’ studio
Photo: Nayia Savva

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She opened a book titled Ambient Hardcore.
The list of contents were: 1) Indian curry dishes vs Joyce’s theory of epiphanies; 2) IKEA and break ups; 3) Commercial buildings as logos and atmospheric tyranny; 4) Furniture as long experience; 5) Domestication of selfhood. 


Ambient Hardcore, sound draft for Gathering 2020 


He brought up Aristotle's places of artificial memory to illustrate his remarks on association and order in the process of recollection.
Freud pretends to worry.
Giordano Bruno came to mind.
Topoi, topics and places of mnemonics. 

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He told me that fig trees can spontaneously grow at the foot of a wall, a kind of gift that needs to be protected. (There is an extremely high rate of housing gifts in Cyprus.)

Image: Excerpt from Hofmann, D. & Smyth, J. (eds.) (2013). Tracking the neolithic house in Europe: Sedentism, architecture and practice, Springer. 

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Maintenance of long experience through the domestic interior;
the illusion of subjective interiority.

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Nayia Savva explores hypothetical links between selfhood, the domestic landscape and their surrounding environments. Working with text, sound and sculpture, she builds possible worlds stemming from the everyday and her fictional character’s thoughts. Borrowing tools from the Surrealists and being influenced by the writings of I.A Richards on the need of poetry and imaginative fulfilment, Savva’s work involves play and spontaneity, avoiding fixed methods regarding decision making and material selection in the production process of her work.
Savva is the cofounder of the artist run space DriveDrive and TESTDRIVE alongside Raissa Angeli.

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