Marina Xenofontos

Our national loneliness 

A tribute to the Romantic Child.
Homage to Nan Goldin, Leslie Thornton, Arthur Rimbaud and Marcel Proust’s ‘madeleine moment’.

Empty accordion case with Mickey Mouse led balloon powered by button.


Kyriacos looking through Mickey Mouse 3D View Master Stereoscope, made for McDonald’s Corp. 1999, made in China, ©Disney. 


Defaced puzzle castle. 


Nepheli & GALAXY EX LAZER (sound, light), made in Singapore.


Our national loneliness (Kyriakos’s zempekiko x Kiss It Better by Rihanna) clip for We were supposed to have fun, 2011 - ongoing video archive.

Titled box files.


Defaced resin castle while releasing mould.


Re-installing, sanding, repairing Twice Upon a While* (mdf wood) for postponed show.


Digital drawings of Twice upon a while in a sitting pose for future cnc cuts for postponed show.


* an ideologically befuddled young teenager who forgets her own tasks.

Marina Xenofontos’ work deals with collective memory, alternative history and ideology. She employs video, sculpture, and the archive to experiment with technique, material and form by using personal narrative to excavate and reframe the ideological in artistic production and the everyday.

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