Marietta Mavrokordatou 
For you

Roof stars seen 
In daylight too


Archival image from Hamam Omerye restoration, Nicosia, Cyprus

Photo: Costas Mavrokordatos

MM 1.jpg

Every u/i rl is a new beginning; 
url, irl; when you, I is:
Modern day romance


Physical model of asteroid Eros at 1:160000 scale

Image source: Asteroid Rendezvous, Jim Bell & Jacqueline Mitton, 2002, Cambridge University Press, p. 54

MM 2-new.jpg

A cross or the plus sign turned 45 degrees: 
Baby kiss me through the phone


Dahn Vo at Galerie Buchholz, 2010

Image source:

MM 3.jpg

Eyes unclouded
Para-sight and/or sigh
Steam enters
Left, right; 7,5 both
And each

Video still from Heroin Chic (1997)

MM 4.jpg

Family album, 1994

MM 5-new.jpg

Video still from DREAM JOURNAL 27 FEB 2015 by Jon Rafman

MM 6-new.jpg


Excerpt from Ed Atkins, 2016, “Even Pricks”, in A Primer for Cadavers, Fitzcarraldo Editions, p. 252-253

MM 7-new.jpg

The future was then

Virtual exhibition, 2008
atorietton. private exhibition in ZAIM 304

Queue your feel-good playlist:
You make me feel 
mighty real

Why I Never Became a Dancer (1995) Tracey Emin

MM 9.jpg

“And to make sure you’re not dead, make see if you’re alive. I know in my heart etc. But I just want to be here For you because I love you.”

Ed Atkins, 2016, “Even Pricks”, in A Primer for Cadavers, Fitzcarraldo Editions

Marietta Mavrokordatou (b. 1996) is a Cyprus-based visual artist. At the core of Mavrokordatou’s work lies fiction; already constructed, yet simultaneously in a constant state of reconstruction; becoming. She collects fragments of the everyday and, through research, she translates them into sculptural gestures. All contextual references liquefy into one another, creating parallel realities to the current one.


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