Maria Toumazou


Shut tv-screen as filter

from my desk
to view the 

living room.

But now, close to end
lapped in a class of laminated objects
shared from childhood bedrooms

Onpour and onrush comes;
The towering soft penguin hugging you,
The whitepaint on your face and bunnears,
In the garden, always in the gardens
and if not, on carpeted floors.

Go, said the frog, for the screens were full of printed children, 
Shuttered ages ago through magic in the dark
Theoretical crystal leading corpus- 
Realistic crystal silver halide leading back to the body


Problem with memory, cell damage

Cell towers of high frequency
-short range-almost everywhere

The man asked what if this 
had happened to dolphins
What if to the frogs.


Excretions of cell host machinery

It was only the camera's red dots (and reflection of reebok logo)
on black, not pierrot 

Glimmering non matte
Gloss imperfections on black
Gardenia must have been near
Grease cos boys only post from teenage years
Gone are the relatives and medium


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The text excerpts are from Theory, written to contain; chemical processes used in film development, the wave of childhood photographs shared during the quarantine period, statements linking 5G technology to Coronavirus, Camera Lucida on laminated objects.


Maria Toumazou is concerned with deconstructing contemporary and traditional Cypriot working culture. Her works, usually sculptural or text-based, are often shaped by the moment when an object’s autonomy is altered through a renegotiation of its framework and usage. This shift is also extended to Toumazou’s treatment of the spatial and the social.

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