Maria Spivak

Pool day

“Now I'm gonna try speeding up Brian Eno and see if it sounds like Justin Bieber” – Youtube Comment

Error Revisited 

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Palace Revisited 

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Pool Day/Online Memories


A Tribute to His Low Budget Film II
Late deconstructions

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Daddy analysis, found in trash

Sylvia Plath (1985) Sylvia Plath’s Selected Poems chosen by Ted Hughes, Faber and Faber Limited

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Andy Kaufman performing I Trusted You, 1977

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Transcript excerpt 

Werner describes the nonchalant treatment of the bears towards Treadwell, the man who protected and loved them

Grizzly Man (2015), Werner Herzog, USA


Οι Αστροναύτες, Λιασίδης Παύλος, 1975, Συνέντευξη & Ερμηνείες Ποιημάτων

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Maria Spivak is a Cypriot based sound artist and musician. She uses both analogue and digital apparatus to compose and perform. Her work is a play on the nuances in pop and its poetics. In her recurring themes she addresses locality and speculative fiction.

In Pool Day she revisits and reconfigures what she has accumulated within the past few years while working on her latest 2 albums.


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