Maria Andreou

Mentally slapping the thoughts out of my head


Cypriot Syllabary versus Linear B improvisation healing spell

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Cypriot Syllabary and Linear B bifurcation

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Almost circular Cypriot Syllabary

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Pointers to script and meta-script

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Small Circular Meta-Language

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Script exchange and meta-script notes

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Quarantine to-do list

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A new way of writing, current thoughts

A new way of Writing

Re-representation and so today, we are glue together!
because I made you the most refined question I possibly could.

Over time and I stay fixated.
Border divisions and small sounds to fill this space,
and I long for somebody who must know if there are any resources to come up with.

Some wounds some words fill this page,
my best friend is to replenish that I can only do alone with oppositions.


New language and mind diagnosis,
things I like to say again and again
with limited daily reservoirs available that I need left.
I dislike human warmth but I have seen flexibility,
or you might see flexibility,
t raining.

There’s nothing I want to say and nothing I want to hear.
In that process I stage before he dies,
things solidified late yesterday.
I read then tried/try to avoid again.
Eating and sleeping rituals, 
on the new way of writing.

Reza Negarestani (2008) Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials, Re.Press, current book


Maria Andreou’s work is a research-oriented practice that is concerned with language, its aesthetics and processes of subjectification. Topics, such as phonology and writing, symbols and gestures, historiography and data extraction are explored through the tactility of the material and the performative response of the audience.

In Mentally slapping the thoughts out of my head, Andreou meditates on codified communication and intellectual labour via improvised writing exercises using ancient scripts.

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