Korallia Stergides


1. Hover your fingertips on your eyebrows.
2. Noticing the sensation on your fingertips, rest your palms over your face.

Narrator: Korallia Stergides
Photograph: Boy with Lamb (1917) Andre Kertesz
Text: John Berger (2013) Understanding a photograph, Penguin Modern Classics

1. Observe the sun touching your surroundings.

Narrator: Korallia Stergides
Film: 7:00AM Light Study and Film Experiment (2020), featuring a reproduction of Child With A Dove, Pablo Picasso (1901) by Lilia Pesheva (2002)
Text: Luce Irigaray, translated by Gillian Gill (1993) Marine Lover Of Friedrich Nietzsche, Columbia University Press

1. Rest a part of your body in the sun and feel its warmth.
2. Where is it contained and what has changed?

Film: Light and Etching Experiments (2020) Korallia Stergides 

1. Think about your favourite memory with an animal.
2. How close were you?

Film: Observations of Mummy and Cats (2020) Korallia Stergides
Books: Miyoko Ihara (2011) Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat, Little more 
Miyoko Ihara (2013) Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat (Goodbye,Hello), Little more

1. Try to find an animal.

2. Observe its movement, learn it, mimic it.

Narrator: Korallia Stergides
Film: Learn How To Fox Walk (2016) Animal Man Survivor, Youtube 
Text: Jamaica Kincaid (2001) My Garden (Book), Farrar, Straus and Giroux

1. Who are your neighbours?

Narrator: Korallia Stergides
Photograph: Observations of the Park Side View of London Zoo during lockdown, Regents Park (2020) Korallia Stergides
Text: John Berger (2009) About Looking, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

1. Look at the image.
2. The painter has removed the cat.

Narrator: Korallia Stergides
Painting: Balthus (1939) Thérèse sur une banquette
Text: Yukio Mishima (2019) The Sailor Who Fell with Grace With The Sea, Vintage Publishing 

1. When did you feel you were no longer a child?

Narrator: Korallia Stergides
Films: How puppeteers brought the Dæmons to life | His Dark Materials (2019) BBC Trailers, Youtube His Dark Materials | Dafne Keen: Bringing Lyra Belacqua to Life (2019) HBO, Youtube
Text: Philip Pullman (2017) Daemon Voices Essays On Storytelling, David Fickling Books

1. Place your palm on top of your other hand.
2. Let your hands melt together.

Narrator: Korallia Stergides
Film: The Gleaners And I (2000) dir. Agnes Varda, France
Text: Brian Dillon (2018) In The Dark Room, Fitzcarraldo Press

1. “Some Flowers Glory In Death - Certainly the Japanese Cherry Blossom”1

Narrator: Korallia Stergides
Films: Rare Footage: Wild Elephants “Mourn” Their Dead (2016), National Geographic, Youtube
Elephants Mourn Their Dead, BBC Studios (2008) Youtube
Text: Lynn Turner (2013) The Animal Question in Deconstruction, Edinburgh University Press

1 Kakuzō Okakura (2010) The Book Of Tea, Penguin Books Ltd

Korallia Stergides is an interdisciplinary artist based between London and Cyprus. She uses autobiographical narrative and ecological fact to create new myth and explores the embodiment of a place between reality and fiction. Her improvisations are collated into an archive; content is used to progress research and recycled as memory in eventual works.


With Springwatch 1 for D-S, Korallia explores the vital politics of care in an interdependent world and emphasizes nonhuman agencies. Her choreographic enquiries are framed through an instructional score inviting the audience into her research and experiments - reimagining the intimacy of our interspecies relationships from home.

1 Relevant Link: Springwatch, BBC (2020) 


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