Dimitris Chimonas

Wakko from the Animaniacs burps musically to Strauss’s The Blue Danube.


Mr. Methane farts harmoniously to Strauss’s
The Blue Danube.


PETER: Now, whoever gets to last longer without puking, gets the last piece of pie in the fridge.



The presenter of a fictional TV program bursts into laughter as he finds his guests’ problem hilarious. In theatre slang, he ‘corpses’.


UnapologeticallyKarina demonstrates her acting skills by managing to deliberately cry ‘hysterically’ on camera in under 2 minutes.


Valentina Hassan re-interprets Mariah Carey’s ‘Without you’, allowing her ambition to be revealed as greater than her skill.


The exorcism of a Christian Orthodox believer. During an exorcism, the priest invites the evil spirit to ‘come out in the name of Jesus’.


Robert Durst accidentally confesses the murder of three women when he forgets to turn his mic off.


One of many doodles drawn during the quarantine.


Dimitris Chimonas’s work investigates theatre conventions, devices, and frames through their use and abuse.

With this series of screenshots, Chimonas meditates on narratives and the potentials of the embodied social self declining into disorder. Sprt! is the tickly, bubbly sound made when content leaks out of its container.


“It sometimes seems as if curbing entropy is our quixotic purpose in this universe.”

James Gleick (2018) “Entropy: The Hidden Force That Complicates Life”, in fs.blog.


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