Claudia Paschalides

Character Arc

Character A is a house cleaner that plays dress up with her boss’s shoes, whenever the family spends the weekend at their summer house.


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Character B is dating a bouzouki that performs every Thursday and Friday at restaurants. She is currently second guessing her decision to run away from her family to be with her lover.


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Character C was a popular pop star in the 90’s, who decided to use all her earnings from her only hit-song to open up a public donkey farm, at which she performs every Saturday, next to the buffet.


Character D is a former line dancer, who decided to move to a bigger city in the hope of making line dancing more mainstream. On her way, she struggled with the challenges of being a small fish in a big pond.


“Learn how to line dance - The Electric Slide line dance instruction”


All images are by Claudia Paschalides unless stated otherwise.

Claudia Paschalides’ work explores two domains; experience and the aesthetic. The result invites the viewers to actively respond through the production of their own narratives, thus allowing themselves to reflect upon interpretation, conflating familiar representational spaces with a sort of magical realism. 

Paschalides uses fragments of everyday life in an exploration of identity through location and the body; thinking of identity as a form of constant becoming through character mutation. 


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