Christos Kyriakides
Sun Direct

Unscrewed orientation marks/ metal indicators for vision impaired pedestrians at Eleftherias Square by late Zaha Hadid in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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Illumination of Eleftheria square by the late Zaha Hadid as seen during the late afternoon hours. Jean Nuvelles' Tower 25 (also called the white walls) at the backdrop.

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Circular paper cut out with holes blocking the sun.

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Thinking Man's chair in Terracotta equipped with an integrated drink rest on the armrest.

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Poem, first draft screenshot, July 2019.

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Pencil dots designating an arch on neon yellow paper.

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Recording of Τ´άι Γιωρκού, a Cyprus traditional song performed by the sisters Amalia Strati, Rebeca Agisilaou, Anthoula Fylaktou and Chrystala Pittaka at Koilani village for an upcoming collaboration with musician Panayiotis Mina and visual artist Marina Xenofontos for a music album based on my poetry book “Marvelous ceiling inferno”.


Image of me entering a van @Dance for the mental, the after party of my show Data Divas' Breakfast, organized by Hades Militia.

Image: Spyros Droussiotis 2020

CK 08.jpeg

TestDriveArena 1. Staircase intervention from solo show at DriveDrive Nicosia 2020.

Image: Mirka Koutsouri 2020


All images are courtesy of the artist (2020) unless stated otherwise.

Christos Kyriakides is a Cyprus based visual artist and poet. His practice concerns a gathering of thoughts on architecture and contested landscapes, youth culture and identity, queer iconography and aesthetics. A logic of defiance and elimination underpins his practice, rebuilding meaning from the bottom up in embroideries and sculptural installations. His work initiates a feedback loop of sexual and geopolitical intimacy which is further inflected by the idiosyncrasies of queer subjectivity.


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